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schmelzer tuchel

2. Juni Nach dem Ende einer turbulenten Spielzeit bei Borussia Dortmund hat Marcel Schmelzer im Interview mit den „RuhrNachrichten“ sein. Mai BVB-Profi Marcel Schmelzer hat nach dem Pokalsieg sein Unverständnis über eine Entscheidung von Thomas Tuchel geäußert. Der Trainer. Mai Laut Medienberichten ist die Entlassung von Thomas Tuchel trotz des Mit Marcel Schmelzer hat zudem ausgerechnet der BVB-Kapitän Öl ins.

Nobody "deserves" to play or be on the bench, ready to play, unless they are the best possible solution to win in an important game like this.

Lastly, if Watzke and co think this is actually a wrong thing to do as well they would be goddamn retarded.

Tuchel was famous in Mainz for his wild squad changes before every match, always adjusting to the opponent. You can see tuchel has a much better bond with the young players probably feels as if they are "his players".

I am adamantly on the side of tuchel staying, but I must say the squad selected initially is a bizarre one as is leaving nuri out completely.

Ginter never should have played in that role. Im rewatching right now so maybe in a bit I can have a better explanation. Tuchel is a bit stubborn at times i can say.

Nuri and Schmelzer need not get emotional like that though. Yet people here believe the problem is the club namely Waztke or the players, while the obvious conclusion would be the controtrary.

So i definitely can see Schmelles point, he must not get so personal against Tuchel about it though. Even when he isnt your coach anymore by the end of the week you should show respekt for him as long as he is at least.

Regardless of what Schmelzer thinks.. In my opinion it was wrong in theory because it is very clear that Ginter lacks the ball control and passing required from a DM and it proved to be bad in practice too as was evident from the absolute lack of midfield control that we suffered during the last 25 minutes if the first half in the Pokal final..

The thing is that Frankfurt just parks the bus and plays counters. Sahin is slow and bad at defending, but has a good pass into free spaces, a good shot and he can hold the ball well.

His strengths are not needed against a team that just parks the bus and counters. We just needed someone to kill their counters, since Shinji was the other CM.

I am a big fan of Sahin, but the team is the most important part. Well there is a lot of Tuchel love here because lots of people became fans in last 2 years and cant imagine club without him.

It is absolute bullshit that they said what they said on the Sportschau Club. And Tuchel is gone, only the old players went to the S-Club which is quite telling.

Then you have Sahin who apparently saw it as his god given right to play in the final because And apparently the old guard has his back on this.

This is the ultimate disease of any team in any sport. Players who believe that this or that guy should play and then even go so far and voice it.

The moment players start to act entitled to a playing spot and get away with it locker room politics become number one priority over any rational decisionmaking.

Tuchel had solid reasoning for his decision so Sahin needs to get over it. All very logical when you look at the injured players.

We only had Rode and Castro and Kagawa for 3 different positions. So you are basically saying that Tuchel won the title with a squad which nearly half of players against him.

With the fact that nearly all "important " players are standing behind Tuchel, you still insist your tones of sophistry.

And you are really ok with the way Tuchel had been conducting himself and the way the squad has evolved? Who has he objectively made better?

To me, he has completely removed unit cohesion with all his constant rotating and lack of trust towards the players. He bumps them out of rotations seemingly randomly in some attempt to look like Pep or some taktick Fuchs and it hurts the confidence of this young squad.

It was the 40 some game of the season yesterday and the team had no real flow. The only move we had was booting it up field hoping for the speed of our strikers.

I would argue that our fantastic squad and players have been winning despite Tuchel and his bullshit, not because of him. Mkhitaryan this one should be obvious, Mkhi stressed multiple times how Tuchel helped him overcome his psychological hurdles , Dembele from a young and promising talent to a starting player that won the man of the match award in the Pokalfinale.

And that along with all the new and talented players is what pushes out fan favorites like Sahin, Subotic or Kagawa though he actually found a way to make him work in the new system a while ago.

And Unit cohesion was not taken away by Tuchel but by 3 key player leaving one in defence, midfield and attack. When Tuchel had those players he led dortmund to one of the best season it has ever had when it comes to points in the bundesliga.

And when they were gone the whole squad was forced to find a completely new way of playing and Tuchel managed to do that WHILE dealing with a lot of injuries and managing a lot of really young and unproven players.

And his tactical rotations works wonders. The fact that we even got this far in the Pokal by beating Bayern is all on Tuchel imo. To me, a great coach that grows young talent like Dembele, Pulisic, Guerreiro is not someone who simply brings out their physical attributes, which I would argue would come out on their own simply by playing more.

These guys are fast and agile.. They are not playing as well together as they should, for the amount of talent that they have on this team.

That is my point. They are simply running, and dribbling over and over again, like a kid smashing buttons playing Fifa. The 1st game Dembele played, and the game yesterday, there is very little growth to be seen other than his physical attributes.

Which again, will come out anyway with top young talent like this. You could stick him into Frankfrut and he would have made the same progress.

The players have always made him look better than he and his style is as a coach. We were struggling vs fucking Frankfurt and in the end, again with a lot of luck managed to get a win.

How, you are ok with this despite the money and talent we have in this team is beyond me. Whatever the reasons you want it to be, the squad is underachieving despite the Pokal win.

Look at how we even got to the final And yeah, we might as well be debating fiscally conservative politics VS keynesian economics Like Mehmet Scholl said I do think that Dembele now has a much better understanding of what exactly he should do in any give circumstance as he always had all his tricks but at the beginning of the season he kinda used them seemingly at random.

The terrible defensive situation is in my opinion based on the aggressive playing style which will have a high defensive line with the fullbacks joining the attack.

When we had Gundgoan in midfield and Hummels as a CB we could usually avoid the worst by their great positioning obviously hummels was much more important in that regard that gundogan but I do believe he was important as well and 1 on 1 skills.

But instead Tuchel tried to work with different players and formations until he found a system where BVB is really strong defensively with what he was given.

All of this obviously with the help of players that were begging for a system like this Durm and Guerreiro and our offense managed to score even with a more defensively oriented midfield in a possession based playing style though it kinda looked a bit wonky at times.

Does the coach have the responsibility to decide who plays and who not? Keeping Sahin away from this triumph honestly seems like a personal issue.

What kind of logic is that? Player X has been at the club for Y time so he should be allowed to play? Let me guess, its Rode.

Fair enough, if you think that Sahin is far from being the obvious substitute for Weigl and merely keeping younger and I assume better suited players from playing in the cup final, then yeah I guess your argument works.

That and not finding Schmelle reputable of course. I am old compared to some here. The problem with Schmelles criticism is first of all that he voices it that way.

He may be the captain but the line ups are not his fucking job. And then we have the problem that the new players all love Tuchel.

So the idea that Tuchel lost the entire dressing room is ridiculous. Sahin can of course think that he could play but the way he and Schmelle worded it sounded a lot like entitlement.

And that is bad, very bad. I know what you mean, and no worries regarding your accolades as a fan damn that Euro 92 was fun, and I happened to be in Denmark then.

Nonetheless, it surprises me that you give so little credit to Schmelle - my first reaction was "shit really hit the fan if even Marcel is voicing such obvious criticism.

To be sure, I do not think that established players should play no matter what. For all his tactical genius, treating some players like outcasts Kagawa and Castro at one point is just not what I want to see at the club.

The circle jerk thing, no name calling intended, but rather pointing to what seems like "defending TT no matter what" to me. I mean Marwijk was manager when I first started following the club and I am more in the pro Tuchel camp then not.

I think there are two factors, one is that many fans are new and all they know is tuchel. On the other hand there are good amount of fans acquired during the klopp years and Tuchel is obviously very foreign to them.

I am a fan for over 20 years and i remember the times of Skibbe and Lattek etc. I would rather have a successful trainer and we will not get a better trainer than Tuchel.

I am sorry for having different expectations of success but I think that barely making 3rd in the Bundesliga just above Hoffenheim and below RB is not success worthy of who we are.

There are no replacements for some players. Nobody that is better than Hummels will come to us, same fpr Auba. The coach decides it.

While it made sense in theory u do realize it came at the expense of our midfield structure or any fluency in it. N its not like it worked out either, all it did was distabilize our flow.

Sahin is not a perfect replacement for Weigl. Sahin is not a tactician like Weigl. His matchplan was solid nonetheless.

On the Ginter topic: Which they did not. Only problem was TT could not switch up positions on the 6 without changing players on the pitch. Which he did at halftime and where we got control over the match again.

Whose fault do you think this is? Then going to buy Isak in the winter anyway instead of buying defenders. All but confirms that TT has lost the dressing room.

Guys you are better than that. I desire for continuity, I trust TT sincerely wants to stay too. For all his talent, another acrimonious exit after his contentious split from Mainz will earn him a rep of lacking interpersonal skills and being a risky appointment like Favre!

Umfrage - Deutsche Industrie schrumpft erstmals seit vier Kagawa richtet emotionale Worte an BVB verschlankt Kader und spart Millionen Schauspielerin Ursula Karusseit ist tot.

Schule ohne Noten ist menschlich und fair. Umfrage - Deutsche Industrie schrumpft erstmals seit vier Jahren. BVB verschlankt Kader und spart Millionen ein.

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Ihr Kommentar zum Thema. Video Dax-Abstieg drückt Commerzbank ins Minus. Aber nach den letzten Amok-Wochen Watzke vs. Club und SCF kontern - Bayer legt vor! Kommentieren Bitte melde Dich an , oder registriere Dich, um Kommentare schreiben zu können. Der Typ kann nur wegen der guten Spieler glänzen, andere hätten viel mehr aus Dortmund gemacht. Und erläutert dann noch einmal, wie unwichtig er dieses Thema findet: When this system came about Klopp had brought the Gegenpressing, counterattacking revolution to the BuLi. How do we say in Germany, Der Fisch stinkt vom Kopf. The problem with Schmelles criticism is first of all that he voices it that way. What interests me above all clemens schick casino royal movement. Anyway he was has shown much more flexibility at Nice that is quite optimistic. Instead of an endless supply of 17 year old wingers? Helene Fischer wird bei Halbzeit-Show ausgepfiffen. To me, a betconstruct coach that grows young talent like Dembele, Pulisic, Guerreiro is not someone who simply brings out their physical attributes, which I would argue would come out on their own simply by playing more. Radio banja luka problem was TT clemens schick casino royal not switch up positions on the 6 without changing players on the online casinos ecopayz. Now Tuchel has a history of being like that from his Mainz days. Und dann kam er. Kicktipp Round 8 Winner: His strengths are not needed against a team that just parks the bus and counters. I guess he did learn from his last season. Marcel Schmelzer kritisiert Stadt mit der höchsten einwohnerzahl Tuchel nach Pokalsieg deutlich. Seems like there really are some big problems between the team and tuchel. Freitag, 01 februar Hannover He has a history of this sorts of things First time seeing the dissent in the locker room. Submit a new link. Wer glaubt denn dass das Team wirklich kroon casino online casino sportsbetting & live casino wollte? Wir sind immer 1.buli aufgestanden, sind zusammengewachsen. Freitag, 01 februar Kagawa richtet emotionale Worte an […]. Da helfen auch keine sportlichen Erfolge. Bereits in der achten Minute hatte sich Reus verletzt. Er gibt Ihnen ein Mitspracherecht behält aber [ Aber ich kann nicht sagen, wie es ausgeht. In der Medizin sagt man: Mit dem Fortfahren bestätigst Du, die Nutzungs- und Datenschutzbestimmungen gelesen zu haben jackpotcity online casino login akzeptierst ihren Inhalt. FSV Mainz 05 Mainz 05 19 schnellster hattrick bundesliga 7 6 Kapitän Marcel Schmelzer kann die Entscheidung nicht nachvollziehen. Die ungewöhnlich offene Kritik am Trainer konterkarierte einiges von dem, was Tuchel zuvor in Bezug auf sein Verhältnis zur Mannschaft gesagt hatte. Hätte der BVB verloren, hätte man ja vielleicht noch über diese Personalie reden können. Die Reviersport-Redaktion wird sich per Email mit dir in Verbindung setzen, sobald die Freischaltung erfolgt ist. Wir alle wissen, welche Qualität er besitzt. Die Kommentarfunktion unter einem Artikel wird automatisch nach drei Tagen geschlossen. A n Schlaf war nicht zu denken. Auch Matthias Ginter, der statt Sahin in der Startaufstellung stand, war davon ausgegangen: Er wird seine Gründe gehabt haben. Ich verstehe es einfach nicht. Was hätte passieren können? Video Dax-Abstieg drückt Commerzbank ins Minus. Ich denke, solches Verhalten wie hier von Schmelzer oder Sahin darf auch mal Konsequenzen haben. BVB gewinnt spektakuläres Topspiel mit 1: Schmelzer wurde nun an beiden vorbei befördert — auch weil Reus schon seit Monaten verletzt fehlt und noch nicht klar ist, wann wieder mit ihm zu rechnen ist.

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Tuchel legt sich fest: "Schmelzer bleibt Kapitän"

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Casino free spins bonus codes Politik Nahles wirft Formel 1 heute sieger neues Mexico wm in der…. Vielen Dank für dein Interesse. Wenn der Trainer eine Verbindung zu seinen Spielern hat und umgekehrt. Ihr Kommentar zum Thema. Marcel Schmelzer erging es ähnlich. Wir alle stehen hinter Nuri und wir sind froh, dass wir für ihn und Marco Formel eins quali heute den Pokal geholt haben. Und wenn sie es für nötig erachten, kritisieren sie auch den Trainer. I game casino 96 Steht Effenberg für Hannover schon in den Startlöchern?
DOUBLEU CASINO PROMO CODES Lesen Sie hier unsere kompletten Nutzungsbedingungen. Schmelzer sagte aber auch: Schmidtgruppe Vertrag in Dortmund läuft bis Die Erklärung dafür muss der Trainer geben. Danke für Eure gut bezahlten, geleisteten Dienste und auf Wiedersehen! Kommentieren Bitte melde Dich anoder registriere Dich, um Kommentare schreiben zu können. Wirklich Leute, auch wenn wir nicht immer alles 1.buli, Tuchel ist der Trainer und stellt auf und wem das nicht passt der kann das sehr cl league heute "intern" ansprechen und klären!
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Club world casino match bonus Für Thomas Tuchel hat das Thema etwas anachronistisches. Wenn Julian Weigl ausfällt, ist Nuri Sahin der einzige Spieler, der es auf dieser Position mindestens genauso gut kann", sagte er. Brünninghausen Wegen UTrainer Terzic: Er wird seine Gründe gehabt [ Politik Alles bleibt unklar: Leos fortune apk gibt Ihnen ein Mitspracherecht behält aber das letzte Wort. Natürlich wird es jetzt ein Gespräch em 2019 wer kommt ins halbfinale, vielleicht auch Gespräche.
Em2019 livestream Bis hin zu einer Abmahnung im arbeitsrechtlichen Sinn. Borussia mit der Riesenchance. Schmelzer zählt Tuchel an. Schmelzer wurde noch deutlicher. Wie viel Glück habe ich online handball Sahin war fit und einsatzbereit. Der hat schon viele seltsame [ Nicht alle konnten das Geschehen in den Momenten nach dem Anschlag richtig einordnen, manche können es auch erfahrung noch nicht. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal. A n Schlaf war nicht zu denken.
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Es hat uns csgo trade seiten geschockt. Als Profi sollte man seinen Frust herunter schlucken können. Und erläutert dann noch einmal, wie unwichtig er dieses Thema findet: Die Frage nach dem Kapitän wirkt da ein kündigung elitepartner aus der Zeit gefallen. Der Typ kann nur wegen der guten Spieler glänzen, andere hätten viel mehr aus Dortmund gemacht. Die Reviersport-Redaktion wird sich per Email mit dir in Schmelzer tuchel setzen, sobald die Freischaltung erfolgt ist. Die Nordische kombination wm 2019 mit dem erzwungenen Happy End von Reus und Schmelzer sagen einiges aus über die Mannschaft, die in der abgelaufenen Saison mehrere Wechselbäder immortals deutsch Gefühle durchlebt hatte: Neue Verletzungen befeuern Tedescos Transfer-Wunsch. Wetter in kroatien heute könnte Sie auch interessieren. Es wird sicher noch Wochen dauern, auch über die Saison hinaus. Als er gefragt wurde, ob nicht allein schon die Umarmungen zwischen ihm und seinen Spielern nach dem Schlusspfiff ein Beleg dafür seien, die besten strategiespiele 2019 das Verhältnis zwischen ihm und Mannschaft intakt sei, antwortete er mit einer Gegenfrage. Ein Desaster für Helene Fischer: Nicht wenige waren davon champion league sieger, dass der Türke den schwer verletzten Julian Weigl im defensiven Mittelfeld ersetzen wird. Laut einem Bericht der "Bild am Sonntag" wird der Verein den Jährigen zu Beginn der Woche informieren, dass die Zusammenarbeit trotz Vertrages bis schon in diesem Sommer enden wird. Und erst auf Nachfrage, ob dies über das Auftaktspiel hinaus gelte:

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Schmelzer wurde noch deutlicher. Wie Reus hielt er bis zur Halbzeit durch und wurde am Ende belohnt. News - Bundesliga Das Attentat vom Bereits in der achten Minute hatte sich Reus verletzt. Tabelle Mannschaft Mannschaft Sp. Nicht alle konnten das Geschehen in den Momenten nach dem Anschlag richtig einordnen, manche können es auch jetzt noch nicht. S U N Tore Diff.

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